"She's a most wonderful actor and I really loved working with her"
Hugo Weaving - Australian Actor
I’m an artist who makes connections with people in profound, anarchic and sometimes idiotic ways and the vehicle for that connection is Theatre, Clowning or Performance practices.
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As an actress, I connect with audiences with a unique mixture of disarming humor, physical engagement and emotional depth. As a clown I am aiming to connect with the innocence, anarchy and playfulness of the child in each of us. 

These genres allow me to unite a set of classical and technical performance skills, with improvisation and direct contact with an audience. In my work as a theatre maker, I am interested in creating site responsive, dynamic character comedy, or responding to classical texts with refreshing irreverence. 

I am one of a handful of people facilitating Bouffon workshops around the world and I continue to innovate around this disruptive and delicious genre. 

I work with students, actors, dancers and other professionals from the arts but increasingly I am working with people from a wide range of fields including psychologists, computer programmers, entrepreneurs and educators. Empathy building is where it’s at right now and Theatre is the best empathy building machine there is. 

Whether I am directing or acting or facilitating workshops, what I’m most interested in, is connecting. I make connections between art and psychology, between politics and art between the fictional or mythic and the personal. 

We connect with others when we can be present to them and make them present to us. Sometimes we do that by disrupting the environment or the status quo. Sometimes, we can connect best when we are off balance and allow ourselves the dignity (and breathtaking joyride) of being seen in that place. We connect when we feel alive, and can embody a more integrated version of ourselves.